They do it too…

Who, well the phone companies, see. They screwed me, so I pass on the screwing. I ain’t no victim! The warranty expired just in time, do you think they will fix my Pixel? NO way. So I be like them, sounds fair?

What now?

Well, I like to masturbate a lot. My “friends” have all abandoned me, they are dumb. What is the big deal, stealing form an dying old man, so what! At least he can’t hurt me. Can he? I will probably be changing my phone number soon, to many crank calls. What’s the point. Anyway one… Continue reading What now?

Who is my god?

I am, obviously. My ancestors believed in Hinduism. Dummies. Or was it Islam? Doesn’t matter, same thing. All dumb. Meet me in hell? Call first  778 403 2342 Nik

What do I steal?

What do I steal? Well, most recently I sold an old, dying and poor man (in Comox, BC, CA) a stolen and broken Pixel 4 ( that’s a smart phone stupid). I don’t know if that is exactly stealing, he gave me the money, all I did was lie to him. I made $335! Would… Continue reading What do I steal?

Who Am I

Who Am I Besides a thief? Well I think I am a really nice guy. Good looking, young, with my whole life ahead of me. I live in Comox, Victoria, Calgary. Where ever my job takes me.

Why I steal.

Why I steal The truth is I don’t know. I guess I lack self esteem. Maybe it was my current life trauma, maybe it is my genetic trauma. Either way I have someone else to blame so I don’t need to do anything about it, right? I can simply go through life traumatizing others. Seems… Continue reading Why I steal.